‘Hands on’ Healing Modalities for Autoimmune Disease: Part 1: Reiki

There are many different kind of healing touch modalities that can be vital in assisting your healing journey. I have tried many of them over the years, some have helped me more than others and you may need different ones depending on where your disease and your healing is at. Also, everybody is unique and may find one or more that helps them.

As more and more people are being diagnosed with autoimmune disease, so too increases the need for more treatments to help. I have described how changing my diet to the AIP helped me enormously to get well. There is however so much more than just changing what you eat, albeit that that is a vital step to healing. Lifestyle Factors are critical too.

I think it’s important to include as many healing style treatments in your healing toolbox. Some people respond better to some then to others.

I will discuss a few of them here, that I have personally found benefit from. This is Part 1 of a series on different modalities and it’s is about Reiki.


Reiki is an ancient art that focuses on returning universal life force energy to the body. As The Grange, states:

Reiki is a way of gaining access to both one’s own inner healing powers as well as the subtle energy that pervades all inner and outer manifestations of life. Each one of us can learn how to attain consciousness of the power and put it to use as food for ourselves and our fellow men. Reiki is a tool of empowerment, it provides each individual with an opportunity to strip away the veils over consciousness through inner work to develop greater awareness, and a deeper level of communication with the Higher Self”

Reiki is a powerful healing modality not connected to any belief system, that helps bring your body back to a state of calm relaxation. When a person receives Reiki, the person giving it to them, receives it too. It is drawing of energy from the Universe around us. The person who is giving the Reiki, has received something called an “Attunement”. This is something that allows them to give Reiki. The practitioner also learns where to place their hands on the patient and the different chakras or energy centres. Although this may sound strange or rather unbelievable, it is in fact an incredibly relaxing treatment. My personal experience of both receiving and giving Reiki, is always one of feeling lighter, calmer, less pain and more relaxation…all things especially beneficial to someone with a chronic disease. As we know when we are more relaxed, we are better able to heal. This is from both a physical reason (stimulation of the parasympathetic nervous system) as it is emotional and spiritual.



When undergoing a Reiki treatment, you can be in any position that’s comfortable, but it’s often lying down, on your back, possibly covered with a blanket and as comfortable as possible. The practitioner places his or her hands on your head, then your neck, chest, stomach, legs and feet, as they move down through the different chakra pathways. You sometimes may feel areas of warmth, or experiences images or memories, but generally you feel sleepy and relaxed. The practitioner feels the areas you ‘need’ the reiki and allows it to flow there for as long you need it.

For people who don’t like to be touched, Reiki can also be done from a distance. This is an incredibly powerful way of receiving Reiki, that maybe defies our sense of understanding, but is very special. Reiki can also be done on animals and is great for animals that are fearful or are in pain.

After the session, you may feel more relaxed and or experiences any physical or emotional symptoms. Have your tried Reiki to help your health and what results have you experienced?

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