FREE Online Event! PsychoHealthology Summit Autoimmunity: THE MIND Factor

I often talk about how there there is so much more to healing and reversing your autoimmune disease than diet. Diet is important, but so too are our emotions and mindset and the biggest one-how to deal with stress! In a week’s time, there will be the first online summit dedicated to exactly that, looking at our emotions and how to deal with the stress, anxiety and learn to resolve emotional trauma.

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FREE Online Event! PsychoHealthology Summit (Autoimmunity: THE

MIND Factor)



The first online conference dedicated entirely to helping people with autoimmunity optimise their mindset in order to aid healing.

30+ brilliant speakers share their expertise and best practiceson how to develop a nurturing mindset,resolve emotional trauma, as well as how to deal with stress,anxiety, and chronic pain.

Our emotional health is directly linked to our immune function via the HPA (hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal) axis. In short, this means that a negative mindset and undesirable emotional responses can make us sick but if we “reorganise” our mind and optimise it for healing, we can improve our health!

Even when you have addressed toxicity, followed the right dietary protocol, healed your gut (which you should definitely do!), you will find that often your body will still struggle if you have not optimised your mindset.

Traumatic experiences that have not been dealt with correctly caneasily contribute to an autoimmune attack on healthy cells, and having a “secondary gain” will make you subconsciously hold on to the illness, and you may not even be aware that you are doing it.

A poor relationship with self further stops you from healing, while chronic stress compromises your gut, your adrenals, your ability to detoxify and much more!

If you are now starting to realise that changing your mindset might just be the key to reaching a higher level of healing that diet and lifestyle alone cannot provide for you, then this event is exactly what you need!

I will be talking on October 4th about what it’s like living with multi-autoimmune disease and what techniques I have used other than diet to overcome my illnesses.

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