Taking Control – My Journey to Reverse Autoimmune Disease

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“Taking Control” is Yael Goodman’s memoir on how living with these Autoimmune diseases made her feel vulnerable and helpless – and how she finally found a way to take that back. She was able to take control of her diseases and improve her health.

The book is set against her background of growing up as a white child in South Africa in the 1980’s on the cusp of democracy. Along with her family dynamics and personal history, she tells the story of her own self-empowerment in her personal healing  journey.

From the age of 11, Yael was struck down with a mystery illness that left her weak, in terrible pain and with incapacitating fatigue. She was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and told to live with it. This wasn’t a solution and she struggled to find more answers…

It would take her another 7 years of struggling to get her first autoimmune diagnosis and then another 11 years of inept medical care to get the second diagnosis. Those were her first steps on the path to recovery and there was improvement…however she still struggled with daily fatigue, headaches, constant infections, anxiety and all over body pain.

She got more and more ill – and more and more tired. It wasn’t until her third diagnosis, just two years ago, that she finally took her health into my own hands and began to look into the root causes of Autoimmune Disease and how healing using diet and lifestyle changes could make all the difference. She began following the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) Paleo diet and made lifestyle changes. She also saw a Functional Medicine Practitioner and, together, they looked for the root causes for her 25 year long ill health.

I have written a book with my personal story of what its like to have multi-autoimmune disease and hope that book will inspire you to know that you can help yourself to heal.”

 Yael Goodman